Hardy/Upham Projects

The Town of Wellesley is partnering with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for a feasibility study to replace one elementary school in Wellesley. The MSBA formally invited the Upham Elementary School as the project of record, but they will allow the Town to study the redevelopment of both the Upham and Hardy campuses for the consolidated school that will support a 365 student enrollment. The MSBA program defines the steps they require a school project to complete. Please visit the Project Information Project Phases pages on this website for more detailed information about the MSBA process and their requirements.

The Hardy Upham feasibility study and schematic design phase are anticipated to run from summer 2019 to fall of 2020. By the Spring of 2020 the SBC anticipates having a recommendation for a Preferred Option. The SBC intends to complete a thorough investigation of the existing conditions of both the Hardy and Upham school buildings as well as their associated campuses.   


The final Upham Elementary School Educational Program describes the how WPS staffs will deliver education in the new facility. 

Hardy/Upham At A Glance

Project Phase: Feasibility study began in late August


Next Steps: Refine, develop and analyze short list of options at both Hardy and Upham sites.

MSBA Process Overview

Module 1: Eligibility Period

  • See Documents


Module 2: Forming the Project Team

  • See Documents

Module 3: Feasibility 

  • Current Phase

Summary of MSBA Modules

Projected Schedule

Feasibility: August 2019-Spring 2020

Schematic Design: June-December 2020

Design/Construction funding: Spring 2021

Design/Permitting: 2021-2022

Construction starts: June 2022

Occupancy: January or Summer 2024


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