Committee Members

School Building Committee (SBC)

While school committees in Massachusetts have authority and responsibility under the General Laws for establishment and maintenance of school buildings (MGL 71:68), the School Committee recognized that the potential scale of the HHU project warrants a broad-based process, involving multiple Town boards as well as interested residents, in an attempt to build consensus around the project. School Committee and the Board of Selectmen jointly created and appointed the members of the SBC. 

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School Building Committee Members:

Chair: Sharon Gray (School Committee)

Vice Chair: Thomas Ulfelder (Board of Selectmen)

Virginia Ferko (Community/Town Govt.)

Marjorie Freiman (Board of Selectmen)

Mary Gard (Advisory Committee)

Steve Gagosian (Facilities Management)

Joubin Hassanein (Community/Construction)

Ryan Hutchins (Community/Construction)

Meghan Jop (Executive Director)

Matt King (Permanent Building Committee)

David Lussier (Superintendent)

Melissa Martin (School Committee)

Heather Sawitsky (Community/Town Govt.)

Jose Arias Soliva (Community/Architecture)


Charlene Cook (Hardy Prinicpal)

Jeffery Dees (Upham Principal)

Cynthia Mahr (Assistant Superintendent)

Ellen Quirk (Hunnewell Principal)

Permanent Building Committee (PBC)


The Permanent Building Committee is responsible for estimating, designing, and constructing town projects costing over $500,000. Initially, it gauges whether the funds sought for a project match that of the scope and financial requirements of the project. The Committee remains fully involved in all phases of the design process, overseeing schematic, developmental, and construction document design periods. Together, the Committee and the project proponents collaborate to approve final plans in order to begin the construction process. During the construction stage, the Committee works to effectively oversee the progress of work, approve changes to the project, and to review budget reconciliation, ultimately ensuring the desired project is delivered on time and within budget.

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Permanent Building Committee Members:

Chair: David Grissino

Vice Chair: Matthew King

Thomas Goemaat

Suzanne Littlefield

Michael Tauer

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