Hunnewell Project: Construction

Construction Project Update (September 23, 2022)


  • Concrete foundations targeting an end of October 2022 Completion.

  • Steel Mobilization/Erection is anticipated to start immediately after Foundation completion, end of October 2022.  Completion is targeted for end of December 2022.  Anticipate wide load trucks in the area late October into early November 2022 for this work.

  • Early utility work and street work is anticipated to be ongoing through end of October. 

  • Soil export activities will continue into October (periodic increased trucking in and out of the site).

  • Underground MEP’s within the building footprint and roof installation will start in December 2022.

  • Slab preparation and placements (requiring occasional long days) will start in December and be ongoing through February 2023.

  • Exterior framing and sheathing will start in January 2023 to start to enclose the building.

  • Temporary heaters will be running continuously from December 2022 thru April 2023 to ensure quality of temperature sensitive installations.

  • WTR will provide flyer notices and updates on the website for work impacting the neighborhood.

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Construction Project Update (July 18, 2022)


  • Building demolition activities will start on 7/18/22, ongoing thru late August.

    • Anticipate heavier than usual trucking activities for debris removal – expect 1-4 trucks per hour.

    • Dust suppression equipment will be placed around the site and hoses will be used for local dust control during demolition. The water truck will also be used daily.

    • Saturday work anticipated during the designated Saturday construction hours as necessary to maintain schedule.

  • Primary ductbank installation from the corner of Spring Street, down Cameron Street, and into the job site will start on 7/18/22 – duration is approximately two weeks, to occur off hour shift 6pm-no later than 4am.

    • Anticipate road closure on Cameron Street during these hours to enable work.  Steel plates will be used to allow for local access, but consider Hampden street, Grove Street, Spring Street, and Washington Street for detours.

    • Police details will be assisting to direct traffic in the area.

    • Drainage work on Cameron Street to be completed simultaneously at the front of the site.

  • Utility work will be ongoing throughout the summer through the Fall, inside and outside the site fence.  All activities outside the site fence will have proper traffic control.

  • Off-site ADA ramp improvements on Hamden and Brook Street to begin 8/1/22, targeting completion end of August.

  • Soil Management Activities will begin mid-August through early September.

    • Anticipate heavier than usual trucking activities during this time for soil import and export – expect 1-4 trucks per hour.

  • Concrete foundations are targeted to begin the first week after Labor Day, targeting end of October Completion.

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