Hunnewell Project


Conceptual first-floor, second-floor and site plans as recommended by the SBC at the completion of the feasibility study. Design and Images Credit: SMMA

Next Steps – Leading to a Fall 2019 Town Funding Vote

The SBC concluded the Hunnewell Elementary School project feasibility study with a final approval vote on August 1, 2019. The final swing space recommendation is to be included as an appendix to the report after the school department holds parent meetings in September to review the conceptual plans for swing space. 

Sept. 5–24, 2019: Elementary School parent meetings

Sept. 18, 2019: Project presented to Advisory

Oct. 1, 2019: School Committee vote on Swing Space

Oct. 3, 2019: SBC vote on Swing Space

Early October 2019: Potential BOS deliberations

Oct. 16, 2019: Potential Advisory presentation on swing space

Dec. 9, 2019: Potential Town Meeting


Swing Space

The feasibility study analysis has confirmed that the Hunnewell students must be relocated off the Hunnewell site during construction. The SBC, project team, School Committee and school administration are currently discussing remaining viable options for swing space. 

Please visit the Swing Space subpage for further information.

Site considerations. Image Credit: SMMA.

Hunnewell At A Glance

Project Phase: Completion of feasibility study


Next Steps: Finalize swing space plan (SBC, School Committee, school administration) and determine project schedule

Recommendation Overview

Size: 19 classrooms, serving a forecasted 365 students when complete. 400-425 students maximum capacity.

Type: All-new construction, 74,430 sf

Conceptual Project Cost: $57.5 million, not including swing space costs

Conceptual gym size: 7,000 sf (same size as Sprague School gym, 3x larger than current Hunnewell gym)

Off-street parking spaces: 80 

Schedule Option

"Early" Hunnewell

  • Independent of MSBA project

  • Using Internal Swing Space model


Design funds request: December 2019

Design/permitting: December 2019-June 2021

Construction funds request: Spring 2021

Construction starts: June 2021

Occupancy: January or Summer 2023


"Late" Hunnewell

  • Tied to completion of MSBA project

  • Using old Hardy and/or old Upham through 2026

Design funds request: 2022

Design and permitting: 2023-24

Construction funds request: 2024

Construction starts: June 2024

Occupancy: January or Summer 2026



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