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Hunnewell Project

Design and Images Credit: SMMA

Start of Construction 

Demolition and construction began on July 1, 2022. Please visit the Construction tab for updates.

Funding Approval

The project completed design in August 2021. The project went out to bid in September 2021. The PBC request for a guaranteed maximum price construction funds was presented and approved at the October 25th Special Town meeting. The debt exclusion vote was passed on December 7th.

This link will take you to a video of the current Hunnewell Elementary School: Hunnewell

For additional information about the historical and current phase of the project, visit the Meetings tab for the most recent presentation materials discussed at the Permanent Building Committee. The recordings of the meetings are also available on Wellesley Media


Swing Space

Because the new Hunnewell School will be built on the footprint of the existing building, the students and staff must be relocated during the construction project.

WPS will leverage capacity in other elementary schools (internal swing space) due to declining enrollment to host Hunnewell during this time period.

Considerations for internal swing space include:

  • Minimize disruption in student transitions as much as possible.

  • Maintain Hunnewell identity during project.

  • Focus on host schools based on capacity, distance, and impact on program(s).

  • Consider timing of Hunnewell completion with placement of upper grades.

Hunnewell At A Glance

The construction is complete and the building opened to students and staff in February!

Next Steps: Site work is nearing completion!

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Recommendation Overview

Size: 18 classrooms with additional spaces that could be reconfigured to serve as a 19th classroom in the case of a “bubble” year, with a design enrollment of 365 students. In addition, the design includes purpose-built spaces for the district-wide Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) program.

Type: All-new construction, 76,500 gsf

Estimated Total Project Cost: $64.1M total project cost, inclusive of $5.7M already appropriated for feasibility and design and an estimated $3.5M for swing space costs.


Construction starts: July 2022

Expected Occupancy: February 2024


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