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Project Partners


In July 2020, WT Rich Company was selected by the Permanent Building Committee to be the Construction Manager for the new Hunnewell Elementary School Project. In April 2021, the PBC chose Shawmut Design and Construction to serve as construction manager for the Hardy School.

For both the Hunnewell and Hardy/Upham projects, the School Building Committee (SBC) followed a qualifications-based selection process compliant with Chapter 7C of the Massachusetts General Laws.

For the Hunnewell projects, in June 2018 the SBC selected Compass Project Management, a Vertex Company from a pool of 11 applicants to serve as the Owner's Project Manager (OPM) for the project. That same month, the SBC selected SMMA from a pool of 7 applicants to serve as project architect.

Hunnewell was Compass' first project with the Town, while SMMA has deep experience in Wellesley, having designed the new Wellesley High School and designed the renovations of the Fiske and Schofield schools in 2015-2016. SMMA has also assisted in the master planning for the HHU schools since 2014.

For the Hardy/Upham project, the SBC repeated a similar owner's project manager selection process, and selected Compass as OPM. The MSBA approved the Town's selection in March 2019, and then oversaw the selection for the project architect. In June 2019, the MSBA's Designer Selection Panel, a 16-member board that included three representatives from the Wellesley SBC, interviewed three candidates and chose SMMA as project architect for Hardy/Upham.


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