Overview of Projects: HHU Timeline

The HHU project is pursuing two staggered feasibility studies. The Hunnewell Elementary School project follows the Town process for a feasibility study.  The MSBA invited the Upham Elementary School project into their capital pipeline. The MSBA process has prescribed steps that control and extend the schedule when compared to a feasibility study lead in a local only process. The Hardy/Upham project will follow the MSBA and Town process for a feasibility study.  


The Hunnewell project was able to proceed ahead of the MSBA project based on where the Wellesley project is in the MSBA queue of projects. The Hunnewell project wrapped up the feasibility study in July 2019. The Upham project expects to wrap up the feasibility study in 2021.The image below shows the currently anticipated timeline for the two school projects.

HHU Schools Project Timeline revised.jpg