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​Hunnewell Project: Feasibility Study Report

The School Building Committee concluded the Hunnewell Elementary School feasibility study phase the end of July 2019 with a recommendation to design a New Construction solution to replace the existing Hunnewell School.

The current conceptual design for a new Hunnewell Elementary school includes a two-story building of approximately 74,000 GSF that supports a design enrollment of 365 students with 18 regular sections and a 19th classroom to be used as a STEAM lab. Images of the Floor Plans can be viewed here.  A copy of the conceptual site plan shows how the building layouts out on the site with parking, site circulation and play areas. 

The SBC has requested that the Board of Selectmen schedule a Special Town Meeting on/or around December 9, 2019 in order to fund the project through design and bidding phases.  

A copy of the final Feasibility Study Report with the Swing Space section was approved on November 21, 2019 is included in this section. The Feasibility Study Report has been provided in three versions for ease of review. A copy of each report can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlinks below:

  1. The Executive Summary. This extracts from the executive summaries from the full report. 

  2. The Feasibility Study without Appendices Link updated with FINAL Version 11/22/19. The lengthy consultant backup testing reports have been removed from this version.  

  3. The Feasibility Study Report Appendices only, Link updated with FINAL Version 11/22/19This Appendices includes all the consultant reports.

  4. The final Hunnewell Elementary School Educational Program describes the how WPS staffs will deliver education in the new facility.  

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