Hardy/Upham: MSBA Documents & Reports

In December 2017, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) invited the Upham School into the Eligibility Period of its Core Program, as one of only 15 schools statewide that year offered the opportunity to receive funding for a renovation or replacement of its building. The SBC is studying both the Hardy and Upham sites to develop and evaluate options, both new construction and addition/renovation, for the school to be built in partnership with the MSBA.

To be eligible for state reimbursement the Town must follow the MSBA's prescribed process.

The Town met all requirements of the MSBA Module 1 - Eligibility Period including approval of funding for feasibility study and schematic design. Special Town Meeting appropriated $2.5 million for this purpose in October 2018 and shortly afterward, the MSBA invited the project into the feasibility study/schematic design phase of its program.

Module 3: Feasibility Study (August 2019-present)


Module 2: Assembling the Project Team (November 2018-June 2019)

Module 1: Eligibility Period (April-October, 2018)