Hardy/Upham Projects: Next steps

The School Building Committee (SBC) voted to recommend Hardy option 7B as the preferred schematic option at their meeting on 9/24/20.


The Project Team submitted the Preliminary Design Program to the MSBA on December 18th, 2019.  The Team and the SBC has worked with the MSBA in reviewing feedback and input from the MSBA which has been incorporated in the next phase of the feasibility study process which is the development of the Preferred Schematic Report.  The MSBA defines the PSR process as the following: "The purpose of the Preferred Schematic Report is to summarize the process and conclusions of the Preliminary and Final Evaluation of Alternatives and substantiate and document the District’s selection and recommendation of a preferred solution. The Report should address all concerns and questions raised by the MSBA during its review of the Preliminary Design Program and clearly identify any changes incorporated by the District based on further evaluations and considerations."

  • MSBA Facilities Assessment Subcommittee

  • MSBA Board Vote

  • Submit application to the IG's office to use Construction at Risk delivery method

  • Project will transfer to the PBC for further development