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Hardy/Upham Projects: Work to date



Update October 2020

The School Committee and Board of Selectmen voted to support the School Building Committee's Recommended Preferred Hardy option 7b.2.

The School Building Committee voted to submit the Preferred Schematic Report to the MSBA recommending Hardy option 7b.2. 


Update September 2020

The School Building Committee reviewed all evaluation criteria, feasibility tasks, reports and work that had taken place over many months. This review of prior work led the SBC to add two options for consideration, 1 additional at each site. All six (6) options were priced and considered. The SBC selected Option 7b as the Recommended Preferred Schematic option.

Update August 2020

After a little hiatus due to COVID, the SBC resumed work on the Hardy/Upham project in July 2020.  The SBC continues to evaluate replacement school options at both the Hardy and Upham School campuses.  There are currently two options at each site that are being evaluated and priced for consideration. 

Update January 2020

The Hardy/Upham School projects have recently submitted the Preliminary Design Program to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). The Preliminary Design Program's purpose, as described by the MSBA, is, "...  to define the programmatic, functional, spatial, and environmental requirements of the educational facility necessary to meet the District’s educational program, and perform the review and investigation required to clearly define the existing building deficiencies. Based upon a review of the District’s educational program, the Designer will identify and prepare in written and graphic form for review, clarification, and agreement regarding the educational goals and programmatic space needs for the subject school. The space needs along with an evaluation of existing conditions and site development requirements will form the basis of the Designer’s recommendation for an evaluation of alternatives upon which the most educationally appropriate and cost effective solution may be recommended."

Update July 2019

The Hardy/Upham School projects have recently kicked off the feasibility study with the selected architect, SMMA in August 2019. The site investigation of both the Hardy and Upham school buildings and their respective sites is occurring in August and September 2019. The reports of those investigations will be provided by the design team to the School Building Committee in November for their review.  

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