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Hunnewell Project Timeline; Updated Conceptual Budget

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

At its July 11, 2019, meeting the School Building Committee:

Welcomed two new members: Mary Gard representing the Advisory Committee, replacing Jane Andrews; and Melissa Martin, Chair of the School Committee, replacing Matt Kelley.

Received and reviewed a potential Hunnewell project timeline. The timeline reflects a request for an appropriation of design funds by Special Town Meeting in December 2019 if the swing space option recommended may proceed independent of the Hardy/Upham project’s timing ("Early Hunnewell”).

Discussed an updated conceptual project budget for Hunnewell ($57,500,000).

Reviewed a draft Executive Summary of the Hunnewell Feasibility Study Report. The SBC plans to finalize the full report within the next few weeks, except the section on swing space. The SBC continues to analyze swing space options and will discuss the options and solicit feedback through early fall before making its recommendation.

Received a presentation by Kien Ho of Beta Group that included preliminary analysis of the traffic impacts of various "Late Hunnewell" swing space scenarios. 


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